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Spending most of his childhood moving back and forth between Saint Joseph and suburban Detroit, Michigan, he finally settled on the Eastside of Detroit when he was 12.

Formerly studying at Lincoln High School in Warren from 1986 to 1989, Marshall often switched schools every two or three months.

Singer-songwriter Skylar Grey helped craft the song.

Within a week or so, Eminem had performed the song twice in front of massive audiences.

The 26-year-old continued, "So I used the studio at Russell’s house…

(Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)“I walk on water, but I ain’t no Jesus,” hums Beyoncé on the new Eminem single, “Walk on Water.” Page turning frustrations and swearing from Eminem can be heard underneath the piano ballad, which tackles his struggles with living up to the expectations of others and the unreachable heights he set with his wild success in the early aughts while embracing the obvious biblical metaphor at hand.“Walk on Water” is the first time Beyoncé and Eminem have collaborated, and hopefully it is also the last.The single is the latest release from Eminem’s upcoming album, titled ), and was penned by Eminem, Beyoncé, and singer-songwriter Skylar Grey, and produced by Rick Rubin.artist lets fans in on the chorus being first created before Em's verses, setting the tone for the unforgiving record. In the midst of the booming chorus the Suffolk, England native mentions the need for the religious "holy water" to absolve him of his sins and finally move past his one-time dark self.Moving into the second half of Sheeran's contributions, the talented artist reflects on his pain implementing a simile comparing the tears running down his face to that of a river.

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If not for Beyoncé’s vocals on the track, “Walk on Water” would be just another forgetful bid for relevance, and the unlikely collaboration between the pair is proof that Beyoncé is way too nice.

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