Who is rick springfield dating

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Who is rick springfield dating

His two US top 10 albums are Working Class Dog (1981) and Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet (1982). Noah Drake on the daytime drama General Hospital, from 1981 to 1983 and during 2005 to 2008.

In 2010, Springfield published his autobiography, Late, Late at Night : a Memoir.

The family moved back to Australia in June 1962, where they settled in the Melbourne suburb of Ormond.

Rick Springield was 13 when he first played guitar, and formed a band, Icy Blues, while still in high school. In 1964, he joined Moppa Blues as a guitarist alongside fellow guitarist Mike Elliott.

They changed their name, first to Group X and then to Daniel Jones Ensemble by 1967.

So was based on something that happened to me later on.” The singer had come across the girl in question when she began dating an acquaintance of his named Gary, with whom he had taken a stained glass-making class in Pasadena, California.Richard Lewis Springthorpe (later known as Rick Springfield) was born in South Wentworthville, a western suburb of Sydney, on 23 August 1949.Springfield is the son of Norman Springthorpe, an Australian Army career-officer, and Eileen. Due to his father's Army career, the Springthorpe family moved to London, where they lived between 1960 to 1962.Or maybe even the original model…' This awkward scenario befell Rick Springfield in the late 70s.Except he wasn’t a gangly, testosterone-charged teenager, but a grown man of 27.

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And after names were changed to protect the innocent, the experience provided the Australian-born, Californian-based singer and actor with the song “As a child I was insecure, I had a problem with too much wanking,” Springfield confides with some candour.