Tumblr dating game anon dating a sociopath part 1

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Tumblr dating game anon

Considering that Jeanette Rhodes never married Lila’s dad, the guardianship of the girl becomes a point of discussion.

With Tony becoming attached to Lila, he pushes Rhodey to not let her go to her biological father, a smarmy, abusive media professional who wants to fight for custody after he learns the people involved now. ), Fluff and Hurt/Comfort, Fluff and Angst, Humor Summary: When Ayana Stark, a sweet princess of New York City, and Elena Rhodes, a carefree spirit of Calabasas, meet at summer camp they find out that they’re twins!

Going through his own issues, Rhodey initially gets muddled up and Tony’s own complications lead to an explosive fight which helps in a strange way - bringing both men closer after the trauma they had tried to ignore and brush off after Leipzig and Siberia. But summer camp is to end soon and they want to see each other again and meet and bond with the other girl’s father. And can they put their heads together to delay the greedy, conniving Justin Hammer’s marriage to their Papa, Tony Stark, for as long as possible?

With friendship turning into something more and Lila making the Compound into something more of a home, Tony and Rhodey might finally find the destination they’ve been heading towards through decades of hits and misses. They’re up to their adorable cornrows and afros in schemes and tricks!

#life updates #on the plus side I finished the first draft of my storyboard #which is the most important part of my portfolio!

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