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Sex dating bedford uk

He was also seen walking without a stick and carrying heavy items.

However, he did use his stick, and appeared to limp and get in and out of a taxi with difficulty, while attending an appointment with a Harley Street medical expert for the defence.

He told the court: 'I have concluded that Mr Kovacic can simply not be believed in relation to his condition and, except where his claim is supported by reliable other evidence, I am unable to accept his account.''I'm afraid that, having seen him give his evidence and having seen the DVDs, I am driven to the conclusion that he deliberately exaggerated his condition.'The judge also said that he would have been able to keep his job, from which he was let go in 2012 after nearly two years on sick leave, had he not exaggerated his condition.

He added: 'I'm afraid to say that I find as a fact that, had he not been exaggerating his symptoms, but returned to work prior to March 2012, he would not have been dismissed by his employers.'The judge found that Mr Kovacic was entitled to £97,525 damages from the date of his accident to when he substantially recovered, which was about the end of 2011.

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He was warned yesterday that he faces a three-month jail sentence if he fails to pay the fine within 12 months.

Artist and teacher Stanley Lewis, who died last year at the age of 103, painted every single day for 84 years.

Yet despite his remarkable talent and prolific work ethic, the first major exhibition of this little-known artist is yet to be held.

After viewing the videos, which were recorded on nine days over several weeks, Judge Neil Bidder said he was sure Mr Kovacic's description of his disabilities 'simply could not be believed'.

All of the experts who had backed Mr Kovacic's case changed their opinions in light of the footage.

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But Aviva's suspicions were raised and he was placed under surveillance in 2013.

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