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The algorithm seems to be partition until all your data resides in memory and then you won't need an additional cache layer.

What do you think: Is partitioning better than using memcached?

Memcached is two hash tables, one from the client to the server and another one inside the server.

The magic is that none of the memcached servers need know about each other.

These are the pieces/scenarios that make each system/site different from the next. We are currently integrating memcaching in a Mysql / PHP data send between two websites.

Memcaching will allow us to keep the last known data information for business listings and will only draw the information from SQL when it is determined that the data has been updated. I have a hard time explaining these concepts to people at times.

To meet those requirements they've developed a sophisticated approach to using memcached that others can learn from and emulate.

We'll cover some of the highlightable strategies from the webinar down below the fold.

There's a little embrace and extend in the webinar as My SQL cluster is presented several times as doing much the same job as memcached, but more reliably.

Memcached is almost always given as the recommended cache to use.

What we don't often hear is how to effectively use a cache in our own products.

It's nice to see it written down in a fairly compact form so people can read it without getting too overloaded thank you We were sold on using Memcached for our Server - to server data fetching, but actually found that the latency time was quite large - too large to be acceptable.

We are now wondering if this was an issue with code itself.

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Fotolog has 51 instances of memcached on 21 servers with 175G in use and 254G available.

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