Msbuild validating web site

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Msbuild validating web site

NET 2.0 is correctly mapped to run the application.

You also want the setup program to prompt the customer for the database location that the new application should use, and have the setup program automatically update the web.config file with the database connectionstring settings the customer provided.

packages.config is a file that Nu Get creates at the root of every project that has packages installed. Sample’ package in your app, you’ll find a packages.config next to the .csproj file, and it will contain: So this holds all the information about what packages are needed for your project.

Suppose you don’t commit your Packages folder (which lives under the solution folder), and another developer clones your repository.

Web Setup Projects can be used to pipe the compilation outputs from VS 2005 Web Application Projects as well as Web Site Projects (when used with VS 2005 Web Deployment Projects), to create encapsulated Windows setup programs.To-do this, right-click on the web setup project node in the solution explorer and choose the “Add-Project Output” context menu item: A dialog will then appear allowing us to select which project in the solution, and which of its project contents, we want to add to the setup package: For ASP.NET Web Application Projects it is really important that we select both the “Primary Output” (which are the compiled assemblies for the \bin directory) as well as the “Content Files” (which are the markup files) within this dialog.Update (8/16/2011): also check out this **newer post that describes an easier way to set up this workflow.** The current Nu Get workflow has always been to commit the Packages folder into source control.The reasoning is that it matches what developers typically do when they don’t have Nu Get: they create a ‘Lib’ or ‘External Dependencies’ folder, dump binaries into there and commit them to source control to allow others to build.

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