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In 20 became the main reference for JSON's internet uses (ex.MIME application/json), and obsoletes RFC 4627 and RFC 7158 (but preserving ECMA-262 and ECMA-404 as main references).Our news items are held in a Runway Collection called News, so I started by creating a new Master Page as to serve it.PHP can handle JSON natively, so the best way to build up the feed is not to use a template, but to just work with the data directly.In December 2017, RFC 7159 was made obsolete by RFC 8259.

JSON has rapidly replaced XML as the favoured way to exchange data across the web.RSS was a bet on the back of XML becoming the standard format for content interchange across the web.While XML had a good run, its popularity has started to wane.These encodings support the full Unicode character set, including those characters outside the Basic Multilingual Plane (U 10000 to U 10FFFF).However, if escaped, those characters must be written using UTF-16 surrogate pairs, a detail missed by some JSON parsers.

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  2. In 1947, Jay Finley Christ devised the system of abbreviation that is still in use in the modern fandom: each canon story is represented by the first four letters of the first "significant" word in the title: so "A Scandal in Bohemia" is SCAN, "The Adventure of the Empty House" is EMPT, and so forth.