Iphone play count not updating itunes summer camps for developmentally disabled adults

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In the comments you’ll see it works with Windows 7, 8 and 10 with i Tunes 12 . You’ll see in the comments it has worked with i Tunes Match vs.

Maybe I could make it increase the play count by set number? Installation instructions for Adjust Play Count in i Tunes for Windows: The script will update your i Tunes for Windows play count for all the selected songs – even for the current playing song if you’ve highlighted it.It worked for me on Windows XP and Vista Home using i Tunes If it kills your tunes, drinks your liquor or runs off with your daughters, it’s not my fault.i Cloud Music Library, together with Apple music, offer a feature that matches your local i Tunes library with music in Apple's cloud. But, since i Cloud Music Library matches music by only looking at your music's metadata, it can make mistakes.For example, if you have a live album, i Cloud Music Library may match some of its tracks to studio versions.

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Because of this, matching is not very reliable, and it can be annoying to find that, when you try to play some of your music from the cloud, you're not getting the same tracks that you matched.

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