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I wabchat

Each time you move between your chat apps it reinitializes the components -- you are effectively closing the client, and run (again) the new client tab.[not to mention going over 2.21GB RAM] However, I will say I can appreciate what Kevlin Yang has attempted -- it WOULD solve an immediate problem should the components not be destroyed & re-initialized.The Web Chat channel includes the web chat control, which provides the ability for users to interact with your bot directly in a web page.The Web Chat channel in the Bot Framework Portal contains everything you need to embed the web chat control in a web page.This capability enables a number of useful scenarios: indicates that a user is typing or that the bot is working to compile a response.You can use the backchannel mechanism to exchange information between client and bot without presenting it to the user by setting the activity type to .

You can embed the web chat control in your website by using one of two options.Kelvin: Reach out to me, I will spend some 1-on-1 time with you to get your app to the next level with some ingenuity using lighter-weight UI framework (Native Script, think simple -- html5, css, node.js! ) that gives you web, mobile & console builds all at once some Service Oriented Architecture ninja sauce that will blow the lid off! https://github.com/appsoa This is a collection of lightweight messaging apps. I hope notification can be added: blinking icon and notification ceter integration instead of just playing a sound. Kelvin was upfront & stated that this just manages your chat apps to run them from a single place.I was hoping that being able to tab through all 8 of my chat networks would be at least subpar but usable.

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Use this option if you can execute a server-to-server request to exchange your web chat secret for a temporary token, and if you want to make it difficult for other developers to embed your bot in their websites.

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