Good online dating questions to ask women

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Good online dating questions to ask women

Questions To Ask A Girl Online: Number 3What is your real opinion about online dating?

Once again this should be asked in good fun and a light hearted nature.

If a girl has talked about her weekends on her profile page, ask her something that interested you or a related activity.

This question should be done in a fun manner with a girl and should lead for some good banter between the two of you.

"Your cookie is not that good to make him go to church. "He still ain't with the church." Steve says women should listen carefully to how a man answers this question.

It may reveal a lot about the impression you're making.

"I don't care if it's at the club, at church, whatever." Don't worry…Steve says if a man really wants you, these questions won't scare him off. You be smart."Every man needs to have a plan, Steve says.

Steve says this is a question you need to ask on the first date. You want to know what a guy's working on," he says. "They have to be different from the short-term goals," he says.

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So, what makes for a great question, as opposed to a dull back-and-forth? More important than the specifics of the question is your intention in asking it.

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