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This is the place you take your female friends first before you part ways because it works as a central location to the myriad of options in this area: Flaming Saddles, Atlas Social Club, Boxers, Fairytail, Dive Bar Lounge, Bottoms Up, the Ritz, Therapy, and Barrage, to name a few.As the city with the largest gay population in the country, gay life is everywhere in New York.This spring, the New York State Board for Historic Preservation nominated Julius to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the National Park Service, in part because of a 1966 civil-disobedience action by the Mattachine Society — a “sip in” by four gay men who declared they were gay and demanded a drink. It’s had a rebirth of energy, in no small part due to Mattachine — a once-a-month dorky, fun, free-spirited dance bash DJed by John Cameron Mitchell, Angela Di Carlo, and Amber Martin on every third Thursday of the month.It also has food, including an unexpectedly delicious burger and This multi-floored leather bar has seen its neighborhood transform over the past two years.Saturdays is Wack, with DJs Kindbud and Aaron Cobbett.The great Scott Ewalt DJs on Thursdays, and train commuters mingling with theater queens who belt out songs at the upstairs piano bar.Known as “Chelsea Boys”, gym-toned young professionals encouraged the opening of numerous bars, restaurants, clubs and gyms over the next two decades, the majority concentrating around 8th Avenue.G Lounge and Splash are the most celebrated nightlife options in Chelsea, popular among gay men in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

Rough-edged, covered in band stickers, and carved with little weird nooks and dark corners, this place is like a filthy, seductive, alluring alleyway.

In the 90’s gay men began to move from the West Village up to Chelsea.

With luxurious townhouses and relatively inexpensive apartments, the neighborhood became a “gay ghetto” fairly quickly.

Nights include Foot Fetish Monday, Hanky Tuesday, and the popular Sunday Beer jobs.

So it’s difficult to choose among the gay bars because there are so many of them. It’s roomy, but on the smaller side, and it has an unforced, fun, friendly vibe.

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Best of all, older men feel comfortable here, because the bar crosses generations and color lines.

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