Court decision invalidating yukos capital

Posted by / 18-Apr-2016 20:41

Court decision invalidating yukos capital

Mikaelyan’s brother Artur Mikaelyan is the sole owner of MLL Industries, a construction company which built the new US Embassy in Yerevan and is planning a new cancer diagnosis center in the city.

All three Mikaelyans operated out of the same building on Babayan Street.

Yukos CIS Investment quickly set up several other subsidiaries, including Yukos Hydrocarbons Investment Limited, which was registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Mikaelyan fled to the United States as a fugitive rather than face criminal charges in Armenia for his work on behalf of Yukos CIS Investment.

The Amsterdam court then heard testimony from former Armenian District Court Judge Suren Ghazaryan, who left the bench in 2011 under disputed circumstances.

Ghazaryan testified that he was under intense political pressure from Cassation Court Chief Justice Arman Mkrtumyan when he made his 2009 ruling in favor of Yukos CIS Investment in the Moravel case.

He lives in the United States, where he has applied for political asylum.

Ghazaryan at first agreed to an interview, but then changed his mind. “Be patient.” The Amsterdam District Court has yet to announce its verdict.

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And one Armenian judge said he was pressured by his superiors in the Armenian government, a pro-Russian leaning state, to rule in favor of the Russian giant. A former employee of the Armenian company told OCCRP partner that Yukos CIS Investment-related companies held assets of at least $4 billion – money that Russian energy giant Rosneft, which now owns Yukos, has been trying to seize.