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How slow would transaction processing be if those users regularly moved currency in and out of their account?

And just how devastating would the environmental impact be?

Even more troublesome than the potential size to which the bitcoin blockchain might grow is the amount of time it requires to create hashes and, subsequently, validate transactions when they occur."It is said that the bitcoin network and the country of Slovenia consume equal amounts of energy on a daily basis," Gartner analyst Paul Vincent said.By 2020, bitcoin might exceed the electrical consumption of Denmark.Furthermore, blockchain verification requires that no more than 50% of transaction processing should be done by one entity, lest it could ply the blockchain with fraudulent transactions and then use its majority stake to validate those fraudulent transactions. And finally, while this isn't a technical issue, the bitcoin currency has fundamentally failed as a currency. But from a technical perspective, bitcoin is a failure, and software architects would be wise to steer clear of its use on any projects they are designing.The whole point of a currency is that its value remains somewhat stable over time.

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Validating transactions has become a cumbersome and time-consuming process, a major problem in a world where customers expect instantaneous transactions.

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