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Christian dating philippine site web

For a while Vespasian placed it under the Governor of Mæsia.The city continued prosperous to the reign of Septimius Severus, when it sided with his rival, Pescennius Niger.In the Galata section the Genoese Tower (over 150 feet) attracts attention, as in Pera the residences of the ambassadors. by a Greek colony from Megara ; the site was then occupied by the Thracian village of Lygos.Beyond, on the European shore of the Bosporus are the large palaces of Dolma-Baghtché and Tcheragan, also the Yildiz Kiosk, the residence of the reigning sultan. The chief of the Megarian expedition was Byzas, after whom the city was naturally called Byzantion (Lat. Despite its perfect situation, the colony did not prosper at first; it suffered much during the Medic wars, chiefly from the satraps of Darius and Xerxes. It succeeded in maintaining its independence even against victorious Rome, was granted the title and rights of an allied city, and its ambassadors were accorded at Rome the same honours as those given to allied kings; it enjoyed, moreover, all transit duties on the Bosporus.There are about 600,000 Turks or other Mussulmans ; the remainder include, in order of numerical importance, Greeks, Armenians, Jews, and foreigners of various nationalities.The Bosporus separates Europe from Asia ; it is about eighteen miles long and varies in width from about half a mile to a mile and a half.Andrew, its first bishop being his disciple Stachys (cf. The intention of the forger is plain: in this way the Church of Rome is made inferior to that of Constantinople, St.Andrew having been chosen an Apostle by Jesus before his brother St. The first historically known Bishop of Byzantium is St.

So all the old material will be left here for archival purposes, with comments turned off.iii) gave the Bishop of Constantinople the first place after the Bishop of Rome .(For the exact meaning of this canon see Hefele, Hist.The city is divided into ten quarters or circles, each with its own municipality.The population is estimated (1908) at 1,200,000 inhabitants, four-fifths of whom are in Europe.

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